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Sparkke - Apple Cider (Hottest sex tip ever)


Sparkke - Apple Cider (Hottest sex tip ever)

Made entirely from freshly crushed apples using up to 11 varietals from the Adelaide Hills, our cider is fermented with Champagne yeast, and finished off with fresh juice. Filtered clear, clean and crispy, it is a medium-sweet and classic cider that tastes like fresh apple juice.

As Sparkke cider is made using seasonal apple varietals, each batch is unique with its taste and colour maturing over time.

This delicious cider also raises awareness for sexual consent. What's your hottest sex tip ever? There’s nothing sexier than being asked if you want to play. If you’re not ready to ask, then you’re not ready to play. It really is just that simple.

Music Pairing: Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless

5% - 375ml can