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23rd Street Distillery - Single Malt Whisky

23rd Street Distillery - Single Malt Whisky

Australian malting barley from southern Queensland is the backbone behind this all Australian Whisky release. After malting, mashing and fermentation, the liquid is copper pot distilled then set down in ex-bourbon oak barrels. The warm Riverland climate has gently accelerated maturation, with excellent character development. Naturally pure, non-chill filtered.

ABV: 43%

Our Notes: Fruity & floral on the nose, this whisky is light amber in colour and delivers dried fig, cedar & citrus peel in the mouth. Someone told me they use the same malted barley mash as Stone & Wood's Pacific Ale. Is that true? No idea, but it would explain the delicious fruity characters that I love from this whisky and that beer.