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BentSpoke - Red Nut (Red IPA)

BentSpoke - Red Nut (Red IPA)

Do you Love IPAs but need something a little more malty heading in to winter. Well have we got the beer for you...

BentSpoke's Red Nut is a Red IPA with a resiny hop and caramel malt character. There's enough specialty malt to create its amber colour and caramel and toffee flavours and aromas,  but it still leans more towards the hoppier side of the beer spectrum.

The beer's haziness is due to some serious late hop additions, additions the brewers say deliver on the pine; add in aromas of macerated oranges and plenty of resinous hop flavour without too much in the way of bitterness and you've got Red Nut.

7.1% - 375ml Can

Music Pairing: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bicycle Song