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Blind Corner - '18 Rose (Shiraz), Quindalup WA


Blind Corner - '18 Rose (Shiraz), Quindalup WA

Varietal: Shiraz, a barrel of Semillon just for kick flips. 

Winemaking: Picked, crushed and pressed into stainless steel for wild-fermentation. A small portion was drained and fermented wild in oak.


Our Notes: No waves, no worries! Why not hit the vert ramp on those long hot sunny days. In a world that's so fast paced and full of complication, sometimes simply rolling up and down, back and forth can put your mind at ease.

Honest wine, from honest people. Why not spend the daze with some roses. Time for a skate.

Light, fruity and spicy... sounds like a "Menace to Sobriety." 

Music Pairing:

Heaven is a Halfpipe (If I Die) - OPM