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Little Bang - Rabbit Hole #2
Little Bang - Rabbit Hole #2

Little Bang - Rabbit Hole #2


We had a sneak preview of this during the week and boy are you all in for a treat.

The second release in Little Bang's Experimental Barrel Series is a Kreiked up blend of...

- A Flanders Red, aged in Grenache barrels.

- A strong Golden Ale, aged on cherries in Chardonnay barrels, and

- An Oud Bruin, also aged on cherries, in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

In the words of Ryan...

"It's just... it's... it's all I want to drink, forever. The fruit, the acid, the age, the oak(s), the funk, it's all. just. singing."

And we absolutely agree.

Oh and yeah, ah,  it's a little expensive. But could be a great gift for that bartender friend who is recently out of a job. Guaranteed to cheer them up ;)

Music Pairing - Every single song on this random Belgian Funky Chicken Album

6.5% - 375ml can