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Mismatch - Evil Archie's Red IPA

Mismatch - Evil Archie's Red IPA

In our opinion, beer doesn't get much better than a Red IPA and Red IPAs don't get much better that Evil Archie's!!

It's perfect balance of malt, hops and booze.

Evil Archie’s is a deep red IPA with a full malt backbone. Each of the different malts has their unique offering - Munich offers a malty character, the different Crystal malts deliver amazing colour, body and flavour, whilst the dash of Cafra III by Weyermann contributes to the complexity and gives off an amazing red hue.

Not to be overshadowed by malt, the Mismatch team have loaded this up with a large amount of new world hops. Waimea (NZ) for bittering, Moutere (NZ) in the whirlpool then dry hopped with Fortnight (US), Mosaic (US), Wai-iti (NZ) & Riwaka (NZ).

Music Pairing: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it Away

6.66% - 375ml cans